Gustav Klingbiel Nature Reserve

The Gustav Klingbiel Nature Reserve is situated on the eastern side of Lydenburg along the scenic Long Tom Pass to Sabie, one of the most stunning holiday destinations in South Africa.

One of the main attractions in Gustav Klingbiel Reserve is its fascinating bird watching opportunities. About 320 bird species have been recorded in the reserve and its vicinity and several game species such as Bushbuck, Kudu, Impala, Zebra, Eland, Grey Rhebuck and Steenbok also occur in the reserve to add an extra bit of excitement to your trip.

This has to be one of the most beautiful locations in the world. The reserve is 2200 hectares and the Klipgatspruit cuts the mountainous area into a deep valley. The main habitats include thornveld and bushveld on the low-lying areas, and montane grassland on hillsides and plateaus with protea woodland on the higher altitudes. Small isolated pockets of forest are present in the ravines that are tributaries of the Klipgatspruit.

Along the Long Tom Pass, scenic views of montane grassland with mountainous gorges and cliffs can be seen while small sprouting areas of Silver.

Protea can be seen along the road and large concentrations of common Sugarbush can be spotted on mountain plateaus.  Although parts of the Reserve can be visited by motor car, it will always be the hiker who discovers more of the plant and animal life within the Reserve.

At the entrance to the reserve on the Long Tom Pass, there is a museum with an open exhibition and a curio shop. The museum has a very interesting exhibit about the town's history and history of the archaeological Stone Age sites, giving you plenty to do on your trip to the Gustav Klingbiel Reserve.

The Gustav Klingbiel Reserve is absolutely stunning with marvelous views, fantastic sights and provides an opportunity for relaxation on an unequaled scale. Be sure to include the Gustav Klingbiel Nature Reserve on your next South African holiday.