Power and Water


Sanbonani does have an emergency generator for the main complex, main gate, security fences and walkway lights. All chalets and hotel rooms at Sanbonani relies only on Eskom.  If there is a power outage  candles and matches are located in the chalet kitchen. If there is a power failure, ensure that all appliances are turned off to avoid any mishaps when the power comes back on.  -   The Resort, Timeshare, Hotel and Property Companies cannot be held liable for any loss and/or damage due to Eskom power failures.
The resort has changed all chalet and walkway lights to LED globes.

LOAD SHEDDING - Please check Eskom website for weekly schedules   



Water is Africa's most precious and valuable resource,   please help us to conserve it. Washing Towels consumes vast quantities of water and washing detergents pollute the rivers. Kindly read the notices in the bathrooms with regard to washing of towels.

Mbombela and the Resort make use of the Sabie River.  Although Sanbonani has its own water treatment plant on site, Sometimes the water will be a brownish colour especially in the rainy season. However, Mbombela and the Resort's water is safe to drink and potable. - we apologise for any inconvenience with regard to the colour.

Sanbonani uses recycled water in the gardens, this water is taken from bath and shower water pumped back to the water treatment plant, pumped into the dam and used for irrigation purposes.

Thank you for contributing to water conservation